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  • Harrrypokerrr

    January 11, 2021 at 3:28 pm


    Hello, welcome to my progress log.

    I am 28 years old, currently working for a large corporation in tax advisory services. I have been playing poker for few years now, but I have really never made a breakthrough past low stakes online. I mainly played NLH and probably tried pretty much all formats that are out there. I also went through tones of theory materials, some courses, but my learning path has not been very well structured. I also suffered a lot from not performing at my best, did not really care about good session preparation and also tilted a bunch. Also may people around me, especially my former long time girlfriend, were really against poker, seeing it only as pure gambling, so I really could not find free times to play. So no surprise I could not build a decent bankroll.

    However, 2020, and I know that will look strange, was by far the best year in my life. In particular on personal level (maybe I will not go into details) and I also, for the first time in my life, made a decent side income from poker (not very much, but something on which you can build on). The poker highlight of the year would be for me winning the MTT for my lifetime score (5,5k EUR), where at one point I was left with 1/6bb (no kidding). Anyway, cash games, both online and live, also went quite good results-wise and I also felt that I made some good progress.

    Starting from November I decided that I want to take my poker journey to the next level in order to eventually hopefully turn it into a successful career. I spent a big part of my bankroll for new equipment – in particular new computer on which I can run solvers – as well as strategy and mindset courses.

    In past few months I implemented some significant changes into my life – started eating healthier and planning my meals, exercising more, planning my time, meditating once or twice a day, introduced proper session preparation routines as well as small morning routine, cut out a lot of distractions (deleted Facebook from my phone and turned off the most of notifications from other apps), etc. I really felt those changes had a positive impact on my life and game and I wish to continue that route.

    I also obviously have to work on my game. Recently I focused more on PLO and I really started loving that deep and complicated game. I think that is the way forward for me now as I am eager to work hard and I think you can gain a lot of edge, because getting good at PLO requires a lot of work, dedication and mental control.

    As for now I finished the PLO Launchpad and now I am simultaneously doing 10 week transformation and Crushing Small Stakes PLO. I also spend quite a lot of time in PLO Trainer, deeply exploring preflop ranges, as my main focus now is of course preflop.

    I decided to start this thread, because I want to keep the momentum going and I think with some additional “pressure to post the updates I will more likely not stop.


    1. Who I want to become?

    The best version of myself I could be. A feared grinder at high stakes poker scene and a free person who will not have to obey orders of the bosses and work for someone. And in terms of personal life – fitter and healthier person and to be able to control my mind and emotions at the highest level.

    2. Vision statement:

    I am calm, enjoy my life and do not get at all bothered by the things I cannot control and that do not refer to me and my family. I am a professional poker, playing the highest stakes on daily basis, both online and live. I am free person, who can just pack up and travel to any destination I please and I can do whatever I feel like doing, without having to listen to any orders.

    3. Purpose statement:

    I play poker, because I really love and admire that game. I love rivalry, competition, action, as well as its social aspect. I love discovering new things, come up with new concepts and ideas and then prove them in real life. I work on my game daily, because I know that only that way I can move up in stakes and be a rival for other players. That is the first “work in my life I really enjoy doing and am passionate about. It also gives me a reason to work on my body and mind and to make educated, well thought decisions in my life outside it.

    4. Milestones:

    – Going under 88 kgs of bodyweight

    – Keeping up daily meditation

    – At least 10h/week focused on poker training (courses, solvers)

    – Not checking my results at all for at least 2 weeks

    – Getting a good understanding of preflop game in PLO

    – Keeping my fish buffet status at GG (requires a lot of hands to be played)

    – Winning at least 7bb/100 on PLO100 over at least 100k sample

    – Getting a deep run and decent score (at least 500$) in MTT

    – Quitting my job and starting playing poker for a living

    Good luck and happy grinding!

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    • This discussion was modified 5 days, 15 hours ago by  Harrrypokerrr.
  • Adelaney

    January 12, 2021 at 11:02 am

    Hey @harrrypokerrr

    Glad to hear that even through the craziness of last year you were able to make it a good year on both a personal and poker stand point that’s great to hear.

    Looks like you have a good plan and making great changes to yourself outside of poker in order to benefit not only your personal life but the poker life too which is great to see!

    Lets crush these goals and get you to that point where you can potentially quit your job and make poker a living!

    Best of luck and look forward to following along.

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