5 card PLO: $500K in 2022

  • 5 card PLO: $500K in 2022

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  • NOluckMuck

    July 13, 2021 at 12:43 pm

    Hi all,

    Brief history- Playing PLO for last 3-4 years. Live in India; have access to some private online games through friends. Super soft games mostly ~ $2/5 PLO5. Really good money w.r.t cost of living in India.

    Games were soft and plenty during the lockdowns and I ran good. Good cushion to try poker full time. Have quit my Job and moved to Goa. Found a pretty nice place; close to beach, great view.

    I’ve never studied the game just played trappy and nitty and its been easy so far.

    Plan is to get better at poker and take it up competetitively

    Been researching for last couple of days and I see that there are no PLO5 courses plus I don’t have much mathematical understanding of the Game. Have clocked around ~80k hands since the lockdowns last year. So a lot to un-learn and learn

    For next 10 weeks plan is to study and chill.

    Start with

    – *The mathematics of Poker by Bill Chen*

    From the reviews I can judge that its pretty rigorous and exhaustive. Aim is to get a sense of the maths in the game and skim through sections which are only intellectual exercises.

    – *JNandez’ 10 Week PLO4 transformation program*

    Aim is to see first hand how to work on the game. To identify study maps for PLO5 and get basics right

    Hopefully by the end of it will know how to approach studying for PLO5, what to track in my and others game and how to break down a problem into solvable components

    – *Jared’s Mental game of poker*

    Read pretty great reviews for the book . Plan will be to work through it in 10 weeks.

    -*Get Pro poker tools and work on PLO5 scenarios*

    After 10 weeks Jump back in and this time put some of the volume on games where performance can be tracked.

    Get a Coach after 50K hands

    Work hard

    Print money in 2022


    Please suggest if this can be done in a better way🙏

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  • Cayla2016

    July 14, 2021 at 7:06 am

    Good luck on your journey NOluckMuck! I’m looking forward to your poker updates. I’m also curious how life is in Goa? Don’t hesitate to share your experiences. GL

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