What Is PLO Range Explorer? An Inside Look Into the Cutting Edge PLO Solver’s Features

PLO Trainer

PLO Range Explorer

Formerly known as PLO Trainer Desktop app, our most powerful GTO PLO software is now called PLO Range Explorer.

PLO Range Explorer is a poker tool and advanced range analysis tool, that allows you to access pre-solved and custom GTO solutions for Pot Limit Omaha within a few seconds and a few clicks.

PLO solutions are more complex to solve than in Texas Hold ‘Em. Accurate results can take a long time and sometimes require renting virtual servers. You also need to know which bet sizing to use. 

The computing power, effort and time required to solve PLO ultimately represents a big investment in time and money. Our GTO PLO Range Explorer bypasses the need to run thousands of different trees, and is much easier to interpret. 

We ran the sims for you and built ways to analyze and train on the results. So the time and money you save can be directed to where it matters most, playing and improving your game.

Here’s some of the things you can do with the PLO Range Explorer:

  • Access all the different PLO solutions we’ve run. We’re adding more turns and rivers as we run and approve the data.
  • Download ranges and train your decision-making by generating hands to play through with instant feedback.
  • Import your own MonkerSolver sims to analyze and train with.
  • Create subranges (we call them buckets) of you or your opponent’s range to train or analyze in different ways. Look at equity, polarization, actions and frequency and the unique bucket matrix.

PLO Range Explorer is available as a standalone subscription. You can look at all our monthly and yearly plans here or check out the full features first.

PLO Trainer Web App

We have also released the PLO Trainer Web App, a browser application, which is included in the PLO Range Explorer membership.

If you are not as experienced or don’t plan to use all the training and advanced features the PLO Range Explorer offers, you can purchase a standalone subscription for the PLO Trainer Web App.

Both softwares use the same PLO Solutions.

For Beginners and Experienced Players Alike

Players new to PLO can highly profit from using PLO Range Explorer because you can look up information that would be time consuming to find elsewhere. You could simply focus on loading ranges and training key positions like preflop under any of our rake levels. 

The ability to practice hands and getting immediate feedback will make your game improve very quickly. You can also review hands and pose ‘what if’ questions to yourself.

Experienced players and professionals can do the same, but also gain more precise actionable knowledge by going deeper into the buckets and analysis features. 

Looking at overall action, frequencies, and the nailing it down with subranges and strength buckets will take your game to a higher level. Especially if you can extract a takeaway and test it using the training module.


When the variables change, such as rake, the amount of players on the table, antes, or your stack size, your preflop ranges need to be adjusted. Our many profiles help you train the optimal way for your specific situation or environment.

Cash Games

Rake is higher in lower stakes compared to higher stakes. When rake is higher, the most marginal hands are no longer profitable preflop and you should fold them. 

This means you end up playing a tighter range at the low stakes. In lower rake environments and high stakes, you are able to play more hands preflop.

As an example, for $500 PLO (Poker Stars rake level), the PLO Trainer has 30bb, 50bb, 100bb, 150bb and 200bb solutions for PLO 6-max. The PLO Trainer also has various heads up PLO solutions.

Multi-Table Tournaments

PLO MTT ranges are different because there is no rake on individual hands. We have tournament ranges with and without antes, and all the most common shallow stack sizes available (from 5bb up to 50bb without antes).

GGPoker PLO Cash Game Rake

GGPoker has a unique rake structure and shorstacking options, so we’ve added specific preflop solutions for this environment for stack sizes from 10bb to 100bb.


PLO Range Explorer includes 195,000+ solutions for preflop, flop, turn, and river situations, all available through different modules to quickly recognize and learn strategical patterns in the game.

PLO Mastermind PLO Trainer table view

The table view shows expected value and frequency percentage by attaching hand combinations to each action line. This works for both our preflop and postflop PLO solutions.

What is a bucket?

A “bucket” is a strength bucket. When a player has a range, you can categorize parts of that range based on their hand strength.

So, buckets are hand class categories in PLO. In PLO Range Explorer, you can use our built-in buckets or create your own.

For preflop, we have 18 different preflop bucket categories that classify the 270,000 different combos in PLO into manageable hand classes. Typical examples are Double-Suited Aces, Single-Suited Rundowns, and so on.

Postflop buckets refer to hands that are being formed in with the board. Some examples of custom buckets are Top Set, Nut Flush, Flush Draw, among many others.

You can add your own preflop or postflop buckets using the PLO Range Explorer syntax if you really want to dive deep into a subcategory.

To learn more about the syntax or any of the features below, you can visit the PLO Range Explorer tutorials page.

Training and Evaluation

Simulate spots with instant feedback and identify areas of opportunity.

Practice with examples of hands in different positions where you select the action you would take and get instant feedback with frequency percentages and expected win rate results.

PLO Mastermind PLO Trainer training module

After you finish training hands, you are able to view the categories where you made more mistakes or struggled with the most in the evaluation window. You can then train for only those specific categories.

PLO Mastermind PLO Trainer evaluation window

This way you can structure your training much more effectively than just looking at random hands.

Bucket Chart

Group hands into classes and generate charts to visualize betting patterns.

When you use the bucket chart, you can showcase how different hand categories respond versus a specific situation.

PLO Mastermind PLO Trainer bucket chart

Bucket Matrix

+80 categories for every combo in your range to recognize strategic patterns.

The Bucket Matrix applies 80 different variables, like flush draw, top set, or blockers, and groups them together to have a better understanding of your range composition and the patterns that drive you towards making decisions. 

PLO Trainer bucket matrix window.

By understanding these patterns, you will be able to apply them over many different board textures and learn more about the totality of your game.

Range vs. Range Comparison

Visualize how often each player holds certain hand classes.


Get better insights by visualizing how often each bucket is represented in each player’s range. The range comparison view is an easy way to understand how strategies are built.

Equity Bucket Chart

Group hands with similar equity in correlation with action lines.

PLO Mastermind PLO Trainer equity bucket

Visualize how different parts of your range compare to opponents’ range based on their equity. This is a very handy way to quickly identify how low, medium, and high equity hands are training.

Equity Graph

Visible distribution of equity and polarity advantage as well as the amount.

PLO Mastermind PLO Trainer equity graph

Compare your range with your opponent’s range using the classic poker equity graph feature. The graph displays the distribution of random hands from your range across specific board textures compared to the distribution of the opponents’ range.

Board Overview

All possible flops in our database and respective frequencies and bet sizing.

List out all boards in our database in a given game node and quickly learn more about betting frequencies and sizing.

PLO Mastermind PLO Trainer board overview window

To ensure an agile process we run board subsets of flop, turn, and river samples and board textures that represent the game well. These are up to 300 different combinations and include A-high or K-high boards, paired, straight, rainbow, two-toned, and monotone boards, just to name a few.

In the board overview window, you can quickly look at the percentage of each line of action for each board subset.

You can use the board overview feature on the flop, turn, or river to quickly access PLO Trainer’s subset of available sims at a certain node, and get a better understanding on how to play that node.


We originally built this software to the best Pot Limit Omaha training content we could. That’s why you’ll often see us use it in the PLO Mastermind membership videos. 

After a lot of feedback and suggestions from the PLO Mastermind community, I’m happy to now share the software with everyone who is willing to explore the game.

PLO Range Explorer gives you access to the data I use to work on my game. These are over 195,000+ accurate PLO solutions. You’re then able to train with or explore this data in many different ways, depending on your purpose and level of understanding.

If you learn and practice PLO solutions there is no doubt you will improve your game and feel more confident making decisions at the table.

Join our Discord to see which new preflop and postflop solutions and features we’re adding. You can talk directly to the team and get your say on what features we’ll be adding.

If you want to jump right in, you can learn more about the PLO Range Explorer or take a look at our pricing options.

As a PLO poker pro I've coached a lot of players, developed high-quality learning programs, and wrote a book about Mastering Small Stakes PLO. I love helping players figure out the game, transform their minds, and achieve success in life and poker.


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