The Best Online Poker Sites to Play PLO in 2024


Choosing where to play Pot-Limit Omaha is a key decision in every poker player’s career, one of the main tactical elements that will impact your bottom line significantly.

Variance is going to have an effect on your win rate and therefore the conditions on where to play are crucial, as they determine how aggressive your bankroll management can be.

You can maximize your win rate by paying the least amount of rake or earning variance-free benefits such as rakeback. Additionally, the softer the games the higher your true win rate. 

Here are our top 4 online poker sites to play Pot Limit Omaha today:

  • CoinPoker – Worldwide access, strong rake structure/rakeback combination, and nosebleed action.
  • PokerStars – Secure, top conditions and plenty of traffic.
  • GGPoker – Low stakes PLO, with a good rake structure and soft games.
  • iPoker – Great rakeback deal, and full Holdem Manager 3 / PokerTracker 4 support.


Worldwide access, strong rake structure/rakeback combination, and nosebleed action.

CoinPoker is a crypto-based poker site. They’re making a great effort to ensure that the games played are fair, through their decentralized card shuffling technique as well as forbidding any form of assisting software.

The rake structure is, especially for mid-stakes, favorable over most other online poker sites. Most importantly, you’ll earn rakeback at a 33% flat rate, which is across the top deals in the market!

That’s not even all, CoinPoker is offering up to 3 welcome bonuses that are clearing at a lightning-fast speed of 50%! This means, when you rake ₮1,000, half of it is returned as a welcome bonus (₮500) and another 33% in the form of rakeback!

Whereas poker markets are becoming more fragmented these days, and many players have limited options as a result, CoinPoker is available to players from all over the world.

The combination of these benefits and conditions make CoinPoker a strong opportunity for you to check out during 2024.

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Check out our detailed review of CoinPoker here.



Secure, top conditions and plenty of traffic

PokerStars, the most famous brand in online poker, is still amongst the best sites to play at in 2024. Especially in a time where bots and colluding situations are more apparent than ever in online poker, the Stars security team seems to do the best job in making sure they’re offering clean games.

Their software is probably the smoothest and most convenient in the market. In terms of action, PokerStars is still in a solid second place behind GGPoker. As a result, they’re able to offer a wide variety of (PLO) tournaments with huge guarantees.

Rake conditions are a lot better compared to the average poker site, across all stakes basically. Stars’ current rakeback system is transparent and is giving between 15 and 60% back to the players, based on their volume. On top, you’re able to use your PokerTracker 4 or Hold’em Manager 3 HUD while playing to maximally exploit your opponents. 

  • Great conditions and software
  • Fast-fold poker available (Zoom)
  • Plenty of traffic
  • HUD/Database support (Try Hold’em Manager 3 or Poker Tracker 4 one month for free)
  • Wide variety of (PLO) tournaments


GGPoker logo

Low stakes PLO, with a good rake structure and soft games.

GGPoker is the place to be, especially to play low stakes PLO!

The 5% rake charged per pot is common among most sites and the rake caps in place are a lot better up to PLO100 compared to market standards. By signing up a new account you will receive a 100% match up to $600 first-deposit bonus.

The GG Network is one of the highest trafficking sites where you will find action around the clock. There’s an internal rakeback system in place called Fish Buffet where you can move up in ranks and earn additional cash rewards but the best part are the soft games!

Recreational or losing players are rewarded better than winning regulars and therefore the ecosystem is well-balanced and games tend to be very soft in general. As a result, GGPoker is very appealing to play mid- and high stakes too!

  • Daily rake races offered
  • Retagging of inactive existing accounts possible
  • Fast-fold poker available (called Rush & Cash)


Great rakeback deal, and full Holdem Manager 3 / PokerTracker 4 support.

iPoker is probably the most consistent online poker network after the large, better-known brands. The reason it might sounds less familiar than PokerStars, Partypoker or GGPoker, is because many skins, or different sites, are making use of the iPoker network.

More than 25 online poker sites have their games run on iPoker, for example: Betfair, Betsafe, Guts Poker, Champion Poker, Redstar, and many more.

With an affiliate deal via the PLO Mastermind (check below to get yours) you should be able to get your rakeback boosted to 30 – or even 35% flat! On top, you’ll be participating in a monthly rake chase where you should be able to earn an additional 10-15% of rake given back in the form of a cash reward.

This is among the best rakeback deals in the market!

An additional benefit is the full database- and HUD support on Betsafe. No need to manually download hand histories or buy hand converters to import your hands into your favorite database but smoothly updated while you’re playing.

Check out our detailed review of one of the iPoker sites: Betsafe.

To get the best iPoker deal available to you, please reach out via Discord: @TomSmeets#5554


The online poker landscape is ever-changing. Networks close down, sites move to new platforms, country regulations change, and so forth. Maximize your win rate by playing on the perfect site in your specific situation.

  • CoinPoker is a great option in general, given its conditions, great rewards on top and worldwide accessibility.
  • PokerStars is still a strong option to consider playing across all stakes given its top conditions and action around the clock.
  • GGPoker is a great option if you’re playing low stakes up to PLO100, and even at higher stakes.
  • iPoker is the network if you prefer playing with the use of a HUD to be able to analyze opponents and with a great rakeback to reward the volume you put in.
I have been into online poker for about 17 years and I’m still passionate about the game! I am currently the Affiliate Manager for PLO Mastermind. My main area of expertise is the decisions on ‘where to play’ and under which conditions.


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