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PLO Mastermind Black Card
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Win at least $2,500 by beating PLO Mastermind coaches!

One challenger plays PLO Mastermind coaches JNandez and Suhepx in a PLO heads up sit-n-go format.

The battle is a ‘best of 5’, first one to three wins! If the coaches win, the $2,500 in winnings will be stacked on to the next battle, where the challenger will play for can win $5,000, and so forth until the challenger wins.

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Tournament Details

Poker Site: Natural8 – under ‘Tournaments’

Date: Monday July 27 – Time TBD. Every next match starts 30 minutes later. 

July 2020 Prize Pool: $10,000

Format: Heads up Sit & Go

Buy in: Free. Challenger gets determined by raffle.

How to Qualify: Earn 7,500 leaderboard points or more in Week xx (July – ) to participate in the raffle.



Report following soon…

1st Match
The first match will go into the book as the longest one in Battle the Coaches history! When the 2nd match started thirty minutes later the stacks were still even. With the blinds going up and up JNandez said “we’re flipping for the win” when both stacks had only 20 big blinds left.

Then the following hand occured. JNandez bet 1bb on the flop, Neptune raises pot and they’re all in! Turn completes the flush and the Coaches start celebrating the 1-0. The ‘Good game’ emoticon is shared and let’s move to the next one!

But wait, what?! Neptune has 2.3bb left… In the hand after Neptune doubles to 4.6bb. All in, 9.3bb in the middle, and Neptune takes it down, again! The jinx seems real, what a rollercoaster!! Few hands later, all in, 17.4bb in the middle to get back to even stacks. Coaches are 55% favorite on the flop, but there’s the turn, 5 of Spades!

Epic comeback by Neptune! 

While playing 2 tables both matches come to an end within the same minute. Neptune decides to pot lead his Jack of Hearts blocker and is crippled after losing this pot to the Coaches. 

This time no crazy comeback and it’s 1-0 to the Coaches. What a fight that was!

2nd Match
Right before the first match ended this hand was played in the second one. Preflop 3-bet by the Coaches followed by a continuation bet on the flop. On the turn a miracle 3 hits and is checked. Neptune bets in position.

The Coaches decide to just call and check to Neptune on the river. He tanks for a while before going all in!

No hesitation by JNandez and he calls: Set over Set! Neptune flopped a Set of Jacks, what a cooler!! 1-1.

3rd Match
Suhepx takes over control in the third match and “not sure if” that’s the reason that the match lasted just 5 minutes!

The Coaches open KJJ6 rainbow and get 3-bet. After a call the magical J58 rainbow flop appears. Neptune checks out of position though. Is he trapping? Suhepx bets 66% and Neptune answers with a pot raise! After some hand-guessing the Coaches go all-in and get snap-called! Showdown:

2-1 to our Coaches!

4th Match
The first big pot happened after Neptune limped the button. The Coaches are holding 5669 rainbow and the flop comes down: AQ6r for bottom Set. Flop goes check-check. On the turn it’s checked to Neptune again and he bets almost 70% of the pot. Suhepx decides it’s time for the potsized check-raise and Neptune calls. River is the Four of Hearts and Neptune faces another potsized bet. He bluff-catches with the AJ43 rainbow for two pair and the first large pot goes to our Coaches.

After winning this pot the Coaches maintained pressure and tried to grind down Neptune. Then the next hand occurs. 

Neptune limps the KQT8 rainbow and Coaches check their T622 single-suited hand. Flop is KQ2 rainbow. Bottom Set again! 

Neptune bets 1bb in a 2.2 bb pot and gets raised by the Coaches to 3.1bb. Call.

Turn, 7 of Hearts. After taking some time the Coaches fire a pot sized bet, half of Neptune’s stack who needs to decide whether this is the time for him! Holding top two pair it’s a no-brainer: All in!

Showdown! The Coaches are a 90% favorite with the Set of Deuces and the river is the Ace of Spades, no improvement for Neptune and this match is over! JNandez & Suhepx win with 3-1!!

Good game Neptune and thank you for participating.

The prize pool of June’s Battle the Coaches event is rising again: $7,500 to play for!

Our coaches win against challenger ‘harigebalzak’ after being behind twice: 3-2

Youtube match review

1st Match
Challenger ‘harigebalzak’ playing under his Natural8 username HenriB went off to a good start. Using well-timed aggression and the Coaches having trouble to hit boards, the first big hand was directly decisive. Suhepx was in control to call the shots and where he won all his matches against Etzekiel last month, he couldn’t continue his streak. Coaches pot open AK72 single-suited and HenriB decides to 3-bet. After a call flop comes down A82 with two clubs and the Coaches are holding the nut flush blocker.

HenriB bets half pot out of position answered by a call. Turn is the 8 of Diamonds. About 1/3 pot bet followed by another call from the Coaches. River is the Ten of Spades and after a small tank HenriB goes all-in. With hardly any timebank left Suhepx decides it’s a call here and HenriB shows the Eight for a 1-0 lead!
2nd Match
JNandez is back in the driver’s seat announcing a ‘new world’ referring to an aggressive playing style. Evidence was found directly in the first hand. Opening 8233 double-suited, betting both the flop and turn and calling down on the beautiful river put the Coaches right into a significant lead.

Another large pot was won after a deceptive check back on the flop holding top Set. The Coaches raised HenriB’s bet on the turn and both actions were repeated on the river.

More aggression was applied and with success, after grinding down ‘harigebalzak’ the last chips went all in with QJT2 versus QT75 both single-suited. Our coaches made the flush: 1-1! 

3rd Match
HenriB dominated much of the third match. He seemed to hit the boards a bit better than the Coaches. Not afraid to put maximum pressure in a few spots ‘harigebalzak’ managed to grind down the Coaches to a short stack. 


The last chips went in the middle after the Coaches open and HenriB 3-bets. The river is the Four of Hearts, turning HenriB’s hand into two pair and give him the lead: 2-1!

4th Match
Ten minutes in play and  fairly equal stacks before the first key hand occurs. After a limp by HenriB, JNandez got confused and raised pot with the mediocre starting hand: KhJh4x2x. The flop improves the hand a lot though: 448 rainbow. Coaches check and HenriB bet 85% of the pot, call. On the turn – Deuce of Hearts – HenriB bets the pot and get check-called. The river is the 7 of Diamonds giving HenriB a straight and he bets the pot again. The Coaches snap it off and take down the over 148 big blinds pot!

After doubling-up by spiking a wheel on the river ‘harigebalzak’ 3-bets his Aces now and get called by the JT95 single-suited of the Coaches. After flopping top two pair it’s an easy call and this time two pair gets there! 2-2! 

A fifth match is needed again to determine the winner of Battle the Coaches April! Will the Coaches be able to take it down this time?!

5th Match
After four minutes in the decision match HenriB opens and the Coaches call with Queens. The flop is Q52 with two clubs. After checking HenriB bets half pot and the Coaches decide to check-raise. Thinking HenriB would be considering to call or fold, he surprises with a re-pot. Decision is back to the Coaches whether to jam or just call. They end up calling. Turn: Four of Spades. The Coaches get tricky with a 1/3 pot lead, holding the Three of Clubs blocker. Call by ‘harigebalzak’, and the river is the best card for both sides: Four of Diamonds. The Coaches keep their line deceptive and check. HenriB tanks for a bit and then bets a quarter of the pot. Raise all-in by the Coaches and HenriB thinks his boat is the best hand: CALL. 

Huge pot for the Coaches!

A couple of small pots later after HenriB got grinded down to around ten big blinds. He pot opens from the Button and the Coaches just call with A456, with three Spades. Flop comes T65 with two Hearts and the Coaches lead pot and HenriB calls. 48,66% Coaches, 51.34% ‘harigebalzak’, is this it?! 

Turn: 6 of Diamonds! Our Coaches are now 90% favorite to win this hand, the match and the tournament! 

River is the 3 of Spades and that means the second edition of Battle the Coaches is won by JNandez and Suhepx!! 3-2, another thriller! Good game ‘harigebalzak’ aka HenriB and thank you for participating.

Qualify for the challenger seat or tune in for more action in May with an increased prize pool of $5000 to play for!

Congratulations ‘Etzekiel’ for winning $2.500 in a 3-2 thriller match!​​

Youtube match review

1st Match
The first match is only ten minutes under way and no significant pots had taken place, yet. This time the Coaches open and Etzekiel decides to 3-bet his single-suited rundown. Aces are getting 4-bet and the response is a call. The 829 flop with two Hearts is great for Etzekiel flopping top two pair, a gutshot and the flush-draw, giving him the 76% lead! Turn is the 5 of Hearts and completes the flush. 0-1 Is the score in favor of the challenger! The Coaches have work to do.

2nd Match
The first big pot of the second match was an important one! Etzekiel opens and continuation bets the flop. The turn is the ultimate action card – Queen of Diamonds – and the Coaches decide to rip in their combo draw. Chips in the middle and here’s the river, 5 of Spades. Is this the 0-2 and Etzekiel getting very close to win $2.500? No, it’s a wheel!! Straight for the Coaches and they’re taking a huge lead in match number two.

Etzekiel is short now and decides to 3-bet his AKQ8 single-suited holding. After some thought the Coaches call. On the flop all the money goes in and the Coaches improve to a flush on the turn: 1-1.

3rd Match
Tension is rising, who will be in the 2-1 lead after this match?! After some small pots, the Coaches 3-bet their AK97 double-suited hand and Etzekiel flats is QQT6 single-suited. After tanking a while the Coaches bet full-pot on the 386 rainbow flop putting the pressure on Etzekiel who needs to decide if his hand is good enough to continue. Flopping the 6 gives him extra outs plus the backdoor club draw in case he’s up against aces or kings. Call. The turn is the 3 of Spades and pairs the board. Great card for the Coaches and their perceived strong range. They move all-in and try to push Etzekiel out to make him fold the better hand. He thinks his opponent is on a (semi-)bluff though because he snap-calls! 32% Equity for the Coaches who need an A, K, T or 5. The river is the 4 of Hearts and it’s 1-2 in favor of Etzekiel!

4th Match
The most spectacular hand in match four is this one. Etzekiel 3-bets his T963 double-suited hand and checks the 256 two-toned flop. The Coaches bet 1/3 pot and Etzekiel calls. Turn is the 3 of Clubs and the Coaches bet 2,000 to put Etzekiel to the test. He calls. River is another deuce and after checking for the third time out of position, the Coaches push all-in. What a way to take down the challenge that would have been! Clicking call in this spot as the Coaches were bluffing with Q984. Etzekiel doesn’t believe he can be good here and folds.

Some hands later the money goes to the middle and on the AAJ flop the deal is almost sealed. Trip Aces hold and we’re going to the fifth and final match: 2-2!

5th Match
After a few cold decks for the Coaches in middle-sized pots and fighting back with a less than 2,000 stack at some point even, they’re discussing whether to 3-bet being 19 big blinds deep after Etzekiel min-opens once more. He folded to 3-bets before so they decide to go for it. Etzekiel believes his AKT6 is good enough to 4-bet all-in and after some emoji’s thrown back and forth, both hands are shown down:

The flop is good for Etzekiel and with a 6 of spades on the turn he only needs to dodge a Jack and a Ten for the split to win $2.500! River……. 2 of Diamonds!!! Congratulations Etzekiel for taking down the first episode of Battle the Coaches!